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Hi Evon,

Maria is still with us since you placed her to care for Jasmine 2 years ago. She is wonderful and we wouldn't know what to do without her. I am six months pregnant at the moment
  ….expecting a boy.. I have asked Maria to stay on with us indefinitely. I don't  want to think of the day when I have to search for a new babysitter cos it is not easy to find anyone like her. But of course, should she decides to leave one day, I will surely call you again for help. Cheers..

Jessica Koh
Stevens Road



Firstlyy, I would like to thank Evon for the excellent service rendered.  My son turned one year old in Aapril 2008 and we had to withdraw him from an air-conditioned infant care centre to a non-air-conditioned infant care centre.

As he still got sick almost every 2 weeks, and was diagnosed with mild bronchitis, I called Evon for help.

I am a fussy first-time mum and told her my requirements: I needed a non-smoking environment, experienced nanny, well-educated family, preferably with no pets ….etc…. Can't imagine how demanding I was. However, Evon took down my requirements patiently, and helped to look around for a good nanny urgently.

Within one day, she called and helped to shortlist 3 nannies. As I mentioned to her, I needed her comparison and recommendation. She strongly recommended Mrs Ong, as she is fulfils most of my requirements, and Mrs Ong has good records for being a nanny for years. And, yes, we decided to choose Mrs Ong. With no regrets, she treated my son just like hers. You can't believe it; as she said it is good to help to boost my son's brain cells, she cooked cod fish and salmon for my son's meals without charging extra fee. Also, she teaches my son loads of good value. I feel so grateful to have her, helped me to boost my son's immune system. Now, my son is just over 2 years old, yet looks like a 3 year old big boy.

I sincerely thank Evon for her excellent service and experienced consultancy, and also appreciate Mrs Ong's help for being such a wonderful nanny. Hence, whenever my mummy friends asked to recommend a nanny, I would tell them to leave the job to Evon, as her service given always stays close to your heart! She really know how to attend to your needs and requests. Thumbs up for Evon's great recommendation! Once again, a big thank you to Evon and my beloved nanny - Mrs Ong!

Carol of Sengkang


Hi Evon,

Aunty Mei Choo has been a great healp in taking care of my 6 year old boy.  He enjoys the environment very much and always looks forward to going to nanny's house. 

Thanks Evon for the excellent service rendered. 

April Tay 


We arrived in Singapore with a three month old and a 2.5 year old in Dec 08. Raji came to us via Babysitters.Sg, and we were very lucky to find her! She worked for us part time for two months. From the start, both boys bonded with her, and she showed a genuine affection and concern for their well-being. Raji helped with both boys
  – feeding, bathing, playing, reading stories and doing puzzles. Of her own accord, she also assisted with laundry, ironing and cooking (we were treated to some delicious food) whe  n the boys were asleep. I soon felt very comfortable with leaving the boys with Raji while I got on with the myriad of things involved in settling into a new country.

My husband was travelling during the week of our move from serviced to long-term accommodation, and Raji helped me with both the move and the boys
  – I could not have done it without her. 

Wendy Lötter
Regency Park


Mdm Lim has been a great nanny for the past year. When we first sent Daryl to Mdm Lim at 2 month old for day and night care we were apprehensive as we know that he is a difficult baby, especially in the night and some nanny may not be able to accept him for the $850 we are paying.

However, within the first week, we see Daryl settling down with his foster family. Now whenever we visit him during the weekdays, we can see and feel the joy he has interacting with all the family members. I think they just adore each other!

Thank you Evon, for getting us such a pleasant caregiver that let us have peace of mind and not feeling guilty in being weekends parents.

Mrs Liu
Serangoon Central


Our desperate search for a confinement nanny during the Chinese New Year period ended with our phone call to Evon of Babysitters.Sg. We got our confinement nanny sent to our home the very next day. Aunty Ah Yoke, is very experienced, pleasant and accommodative. We had a wonderful New Year. My mother-in-law was able to receive visitors and even prepare sumptuous meals since Aunty Ah Yoke took good care of me and the newborn. Highly recommended

Mr & Mrs Loke
Telok Kurau


I am working part time. On the days that I am working Mdm Lai has been coming in to help us with our baby since 9 months ago. I am very happy with her as she not only babysit my girl, she also helps with the housekeeping and cooks dinner for us. So my family gets a home cooked meal at least 3 times a week. Besides that, my mum (in her 60s) who is staying with us always looks forward to having Mdm Lai's company. She actually doubles up as a granny sitter and I feel assured that no harm will come to my mum and child while I am at work. Evon, thank you. And by the way, I have been recommending you to my colleagues and friends for their babysitting needs.



My oldest child is now 7 years old. The second is 4 years old and my youngest is now coming 1 year old. We are still with the same nanny recommended by Babysitters.Sg. Mdm Tay is like a grandma to all our 3 children. Through the years Evon has been checking to see if we are releasing her so that she can place her with other clients. We are sure we will not let her go even when all our children are in school. I intend to continue letting them come back to her for dinner and dinner after school. Without her my children will not have proper supervision after school nor nutritious home cooked meals. Mdm Tay is not demanding in terms of payment but even if she is, I will do whatever I can to keep such a good nanny.

Jessica Liu


I was so lucky Evon was able to get a babysitter that is just 2 blocks away from mine. This really helps since we don't drive and getting anyone further would subject our child who was just 3 months old to the environments. My boy is now in K1 and doing well. I appreciate your help, Evon.



Hi Evon

My little girl Jamie is 6 months old now. I like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for getting such an excellent nanny to babysit Jamie. 

Nanny Mrs Lee besides taking great care of Jamie, she also helps us to save as far as possible in term of baby items. She even gives extra hands of looking late hours if I am having delayed meetings in the office. 

At times, Mrs Lee even packed dinner for my family and prepares breakfast for Jamie every morning. Feel so fortunate to have her around. She almost becomes my "mommy" :)

Bravo & 3 cheers to Nanny Mrs Lee :))
Many thanks for the recommendation.

Kind regards
Joleen Tan   



Hello Evon,

As Lynn has now been working for us for 4weeks, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that my husband Adam (copied into this email) and I are extremely happy with Lynn.

She is wonderful with our son and always very punctual and helpful to our family. We are grateful to have Lynn taking care of our son.

Kind regards
Leanne McLaughlin

13 May 2013



Thank you for helping us out at the last minute.  Rosita was very good with our daughter.


Astor Green

4 Jun 2013   


Hi Evon,

Thanks for your follow up.  We were very happy with Adah, She was lovely with the children. 

Thanks again
Goodwood Gardens

9 Jun 2013