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Babysitters Babysitting At Their Own Homes



This is the most common choice for local families as it is very cost effective.  Our babysitters and nannies are capable and confident of taking care of new born babies as well as older children.  We take special efforts to ensure


  • the babysitters we put forward match your specific requirements 
  • you will get to interview the babysitters and visit them to check out the environment 
  • babysitter will provide sole-care for your child to ensure undivided attention 
  • timing required can be arrange to suit your working hours 
  • babysitter lives nearests to your residence or work place 
  • for overnight care, your child will have a healthy and comfortable family environment to connect with 




Rates for Babysitting At Babysitter’s Home

The rates depend on the babysitting arrangements needed but broadly classified as follows : 

Babysitting at babysitter's 5 days per week     

Mon to Fri (10 to 12 hours)
Monthly fee is between $750 and $850 


Babysitting at babysitter's 5 days per week 

Mon to Fri (10 to 12 hours) and 2 Saturdays half day
Monthly fee is between $800 and $900 


Babysitting at babysitter's 5½ days per week 

Mon to Fri (10 to 12 hours) and all Saturdays half day
Monthly fee is $850 and $950 


Babysitting at babysitter's 24 hrs per day 

Mon to Fri ( day & night care )
Monthly fee is from $1000 and above 


Additional Information (for Babysitting at Babysitter's)  

  • The above rates are just a guide. We will always try to negotiate the best rates and the timing needed to suit your specific requirements and budget in tandem with the experience of the nanny.  
  • Nanny usually request for a top up of $100 upon the child commencing on solids. We propose 6 months old but may vary with each child. Nanny will be responsible to purchase and prepare 2 meals for the child per day.   

Prefer nanny to babysit in your own home?