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Signs Of A Good Babysitter Or Bad Babysitter 


Finally, after your rounds of interviews, checking of references, you feel confident to hire a babysitter or nanny to take care of your child. However, you will always wonder if your caregiver is doing a good job while you are out. With today's advance technology, you could always install surveillance camera to capture all the activities while babysitter is looking after your child. However, as a parent you should be able to rely on your intuition to know if you have left your baby in the hands of a good caregiver. Here are the signs to look out for….I have attempted to put the signs of a good babysitter in blue and conversely the signs of a bad babysitter in Redbelow.

Baby is happy to see Nanny. Your baby warms up to nanny though it may take 2 or 3 sessions to be certain. The nanny can never replace the parents but if things are working well, baby should feel happy to be carried and cuddled by nanny and even looks forward to the arrival of the nanny at each session. You will also notice that nanny is genuinely happy to see baby. Nanny plays with your child readily and both of them enjoy their time with each other. If baby is withdrawn at the sight of the nanny (especially even after a few sessions) then perhaps there is a lack of chemistry between the 2 and it might be a good idea to look for a new caregiver. However, if a normally happy and independent child exhibit a vast behavioral change and wails at the sight of the nanny or becomes clingy then you should be more concerned as it could signify some form of child abuse.

Nanny keeps you informed of what she and your child did during the time you were away. A good Nanny is not evasive when you ask her how the day went and her story always adds up. If she usually leaves before you return, a good nanny will leave notes or fill out daily reports to keep you posted of the day's activities. Good nannies volunteer information about your child and will not feel offended when you check with her things pertaining to your child. On the reverse, a bad nanny will be evasive and secretive when asked how time was spent when you were out and her story usually doesn't add up.

Accidents involving your baby are infrequent. Although occasional bumps can be expected especially when baby learns to crawl, your baby should not be involved in too many accidents that could have been easily avoided. Through your observation a good nanny must be naturally mindful of safety regardless of whether she is in the house or at the playground. A good nanny pays full attention to the child at all times and put the safety and welfare of your child as her priority. A bad nanny may engross herself watching TV or talking on the phone. She may come to work looking lethargic and your child is having too many minor accidents that could have been easily avoided.

Nanny follows your instructions and requests but also uses her own initiatives and comes up with creative solutions. Although you might think you know your child best but your babysitter may have observed something different during their time together. A good caregiver would not blindly follow your instructions but checks back with you on things concerning your child to come up with the best possible care for your child. On the other hand, a bad caregiver does not follow your instructions and you noticed that many items on the activity sheet have not been followed through.

Your baby is always clean and nice smelling. A good nanny changes your child's clothes dirtied during meals or play time. Your child's hands and face are frequently wiped clean. This shows the nanny is putting in full efforts towards caring for your child and is conscientious. A bad caregiver does not pay much attention to the overall appearance of your child.

Nanny respects your time and do not take unnecessary leave which might affect your work. A good nanny will arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier than the stipulated time for you to brief her before leaving your child to her care. A good and responsible caregiver will call you if she is unexpectedly held up so as to ensure you have ample time to make alternative child care arrangements. A bad caregiver will usually arrive late and ask for time off frequently. Worst of all she may call you last minute or not turning up for the job without informing you, thus leaving you in the lurch.